Spied: 2013 Lexus LS in Heavy Camouflage

By Keith Buglewicz | May 31, 2012
Lexus is trying hard to change its image, and so far, it's working. The 2013 Lexus GS is a hit, the new 2013 Lexus ES has the makings of being a hit, and the 2013 Lexus RX F-Sport at the very least looks like a hit thanks to the clever addition of the new Lexus "spindle" grille. Next up for the treatment is the Lexus flagship, the LS. We recently drove one, and while it's still a solid luxury car, it's clearly past time for an overhaul. We're getting our first glimpse of that overhaul today, as spy photos have emerged of the next-generation luxury sedan. As expected, the next LS is clearly sporting the same grille design that has shown up on Lexus cars over the past year. More surprising though is the overall aggressiveness seen through the mesh in the camo. The lower bumper sports deep vents for cooling the engine and brakes, and the overall impression is that from the front, the Lexus is intent on shedding the play-it-safe styling it has relied on for more than two decades. However, the rest of the car looks far more conventional. Not that we were expecting a roof-mounted sail or something, but the rest of the sedan doesn't look like it has changed much at all. The rear bumper looks exactly like the current car in fact, so much so that we're assuming it's part of the camo, and not the actual rear-end styling. Under the hood, expect a V-8 engine, but the anticipated hybrid will likely target fuel economy savings, rather than performance. The interior is also an open question, but again we anticipate high-quality materials and an emphasis on cutting-edge technology to keep up with the Germans. So what do you think? Is the next-generation LS going in the right direction? Or should Lexus play it safer with its heavy-hitter sedan? Sound off in the comments below, and then head over to Automobile.com for the full gallery of pics. Source: Automobile Magazine