Spied! 2014 Chevrolet Silverado Caught Testing

By Jacob Brown | April 24, 2012
Full-size pickup trucks comprise a massive number of automaker sales in the U.S. every year. But the market's changing, with high gas prices and an even higher amount of government regulations for fuel economy coming by 2016. The vehicles had to change. The Chevrolet Silverado needed to change. And it will, evidenced by a new round of pictures of the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado undergoing testing. Not only is a light-duty Silverado 1500 seen in the pictures, but spy photographers also managed to capture the first pictures of the Silverado—evidenced by its eight-lug wheels versus the standard Silverado's six—and beefier stance. In the pics, there's plenty enough to see through the Silverados' vinyl coverings, squarer styling and all. But it's what's under them that should have truck enthusiasts more captivated.
Chevrolet is rumored to be introducing a new aluminum V-8 engine, with advanced direct fuel-injection and cylinder deactivation that will more efficiently use gas and use less of it, respectively. Matching the Ford EcoBoost engine available in the F-150, it's also likely Chevrolet will have a turbocharged V-6 in its lineup. Whether it'll be 3.0 liters or 3.6 liters in displacement is still not known, however. A hybrid model is expected to continue as well. HD models will likely continue with their current engines. The Silverado will likely also gain an eight-speed automatic transmission, but it's not known whether it'll be available at launch. What is known, however, is that the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado is set to go into production in April of next year, ending the seven-year tenure of the current model. That means the best bet for its introduction will likely be next January's North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Head over to sister publications Automobile Magazine and Motor Trend website for the full gallery of photos. Source: Automobile Magazine, Motor Trend