Spied! 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible Finally Makes Its Presence Known

By Keith Buglewicz | October 29, 2013
We've seen the 2015 Ford Mustang for a while now. And with its impending introduction, we know it's certain to make a splash, whether in coupe or a hotted-up SVT Shelby version. But there's still a variant we haven't seen: a convertible. Well, that's changed, thanks to our intrepid spy photographers. The convertible Mustang is as much a part of the Mustang mystique as the V-8, Shelby and GT500 badges, and rolling up Camaros and smoking them. After all, it was a convertible that was originally shown to the public all those years ago. So it's only natural that the next-generation Mustang would also include a drop-top. The truth is, we've probably been seeing convertible Mustangs for some time now. It seems as though Ford has been testing its convertible models alongside the coupes, just with roofs so heavily camouflaged that they were indistinguishable from the coupes. However, as you can plainly see, someone was enjoying one of the last sunny days around Detroit not long ago.
Expect the convertible Mustangs to have the same assortment of engines, transmissions, and features when it becomes available. We'll probably get all the details in January at the Detroit Auto Show, so stay tuned.