Spied! 2015 Toyota Prius Testing in LA Traffic

Right before the holiday weekend, we caught the new 2015 Toyota Prius testing on Los Angeles roads alongside a current Prius model. We managed to grab some photos of car's new interior, and have brought you a revealing look at the car's redesigned dashboard. Are you a fan of the current body of the Prius? There are rumors going around that it will be replaced by a body inspired by the Toyota NS4 Advanced Plug-In Hybrid concept, but looking at the photos, it seems that may be farther down the road. The prototype seen testing retains the iconic Prius shape, but rides on a new platform that will underpin a range of Toyota models like the Corolla, Camry, and RAV4. Inside the new Prius, there's a more traditional dashboard, with a driver-centric instrument panel and new HVAC controls, but the center stack still needs work. The hybrid system will be completely overhauled, but Nickel Metal Hydride batteries will remain. The electric motor will be downsized but deliver more power thanks to some efficiency breakthroughs.
The new 2015 Prius is expected to receive a suffixed name like the Prius V or Prius C, and will likely fit into the middle of the model range.

It will have a lean burning turbocharged engine, and AWD.

Lean burn was in some cars up through 2006 but then stopped being produced because the emissions were too high. If they can figure out the NOX emissions, lean burn can turn up MPG even more than what Atkinson can alone.

Excited about what this can bring.

John 85
John 85

Thanks for sharing this review, so you can guess the lainea remains with the current Prius.
I think a different car.