Spied! 2016 Cadillac Elmiraj Caught Testing on Public Roads

By Trevor Dorchies | August 30, 2013
Remember a few weeks ago, when Cadillac rolled its sleek Elmiraj Concept out onto the lawn at Pebble Beach? Well, apparently it wasn't just all for show, as our spy photographer has captured what appears to be an early development "mule" of a future production version of the Elmiraj. Don't let the Chevrolet Caprice sheet metal fool you though; what we have here is proof positive that Cadillac is chipping away at a new, large flagship sedan.
As the photos show, there's a few more inches tacked on the Elmiraj's nose; our photographer estimates anywhere from four to six extra inches to be exact. It would make sense, too, as the Caprice is 203 inches long while the Elmiraj concept shown at Pebble Beach was 205 inches long. This is just about on target for a four-door coupe set to be the large flagship sedan in Cadillac's lineup. Up front, a Caprice front-end covers up the would-be styling of the Elmiraj but it's easy to see that the headlights don't line up with this design, sticking out from the hood and grille. Hood pins are also visible to keep the hood closed. In back, you see more non-production bodywork which appears to be clearing space for a huge muffler. A camouflage patch has also been slapped on where the fuel door would be on the Caprice, which can only mean that this has been changed on Cadillac's offering. The Elmiraj's wheels even look familiar to those who may remember when Cadillac was testing the ATS. While the ATS wheels measured in at 18-inches, we'd guess the Elmiraj's are slightly bigger, probably about 19-inches or so.
Under the hood, well, that's anyone's guess right now, including Cadillac's. Rumors have been flying pointing to anything from a turbocharged four-cylinder, to a twin-turbo V-6, all the way up to a more refined version of the 5.3-liter V-8 found in General Motors' light-duty truck offerings. As for the transmission, that's still up in the air too but it may either be a nine-speed or even a 10-speed automatic gearbox sending power to the rear wheels. It's unlikely that Cadillac will hold onto the "Elmiraj" name once it enters production, as it doesn't really fit in with the naming scheme. It would makes sense that the Elmiraj concept is set to assume the "LTS" moniker, as Cadillac filled for trademark of the name earlier this year, and it does fit in with the brand's lineup. It's also believed that an actual coupe and maybe even a convertible will follow once the sedan variant enters production. We hear the Cadillac Elmiraj concept will enter production in Quarter 3 of 2015 with the coupe and possible convertible variants following suit sometime in 2016. This addition to Cadillac's lineup would put it up against the likes of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and we're interested to see how it will fare. As more photos and information surface, we'll pass it along your way, so stay tuned.