Spy Video: Mercedes-Benz GLA

Last week, we reported that Mercedes-Benz is planning to introduce a subcompact SUV smaller than the GLK, called the GLA. Today, in the video below from French publication L'Automobile we can finally see the first details of the new subcompact SUV as it undergoes winter testing. The video starts out with the uncovering of the vehicle by the test drivers. They look around the lot, presumably trying to spot photographers trying to steal glimpses of their new model. The vehicle itself has camouflage all over it, in an attempt to hide the majority of the details. The GLA takes its time entering the caravan of other models before it hits the road for some proper testing. It handles the conditions of the snowy roads very well, and the rest of the video goes on to show different shots of the SUV driving along the roads at moderate speed.
One thing struck us about this video: Those guys sure did take their time taking the car cover off. And it looked to us like the little GLA was in no hurry to get away from what must have been a fairly obvious cameraman. We're not saying that it was definitely coordinated with Mercedes-Benz. We are saying that it we wouldn't be surprised if it was. Source: L'Automobile via YouTube
Jason Davis
Jason Davis

Is that the new Caliber? Or the new Matrix?