Spied! Next-Generation 2015 Subaru WRX Looks Much Tamer Than Concept Car

By Jacob Brown | April 16, 2013
When we saw the Subaru WRX Concept at the New York Auto Show this year, our hearts skipped a beat. We knew that in the next-generation WRX, expected to be a 2015 model, the car would go its own way, eschewing the frumpy cues that have typically had to be adapted from other Subaru Impreza models.
What you see above is the production-realized version of that car, which, excluding the front and rear clips, still looks pretty much like any other Impreza, which is good for people who purchase the WRX for its practicality and bad for anyone who wanted something looking like the concept.
Starting up front, it looks like Subaru is going back to basics, utilizing some of the styling that was first seen on our shores with the special edition 1999 to 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS, which itself was a watered-down version of the overseas WRX with a mishmash of leftover parts. That means a big scoop in the hood, cleanly designed headlights--a big change for the Impreza compared to other WRX models over the last decade--and a front bumper with strakes that look to house two small fog lights stacked on top of one another. That differs a bit from the old 2.5RS, but the ginormous fog lights that adorned that car weren't exactly aerodynamic. Out back, Subaru's signature clothes hanger rear spoiler makes its return, and the tail lights have been redesigned some from other Impreza models to give this 2015 Subaru WRX a unique look. Their shape looks pretty much the same as it always was, though. Quad exhaust pipes could indicate this as either a WRX or a WRX STI model, but we'd guess this one is the former. The STI has typically been based on the hatchback design recently, and it also has wider fenders. This car's shape doesn't look much different than your standard Impreza's. However, there's the possibility that this is an engineering mule--that is, a regular Impreza with the WRX's running gear hidden beneath--and that the final sheetmetal hasn't been established. Considering the copious amounts of camouflage on this vehicle though, we're leaning toward it being the final product. Seen testing in Germany along with a Porsche 911--rarely are the cars around a prototype accidental--that could indicate that Subaru's engineers have some ambitious plans for the WRX. When it was launched, its 224 horsepower was unusually high for a car of its size. Now its 265 horsepower--305 in the WRX STI--is falling behind some of its competition. We're anticipating that Subaru will drop the current car's 2.5-liter flat-4 in favor of a new 2.0-liter flat-4 that was just introduced in the 2014 Subaru Forester XT. From there, it's anyone's guess what sort of technology will be packed into this rally-bred sport compact. We should find out at November's Tokyo Motor Show.

Well, I was very excited to see a car that has power and looks nice... But this is just some more of the same old same old boring crap... Im planning on buying a 4 door car in  2015, If Subaru screws this car up, i will be buying a Mazda 6,,, its not super fast but it looks sharp, maybe they will have a turbo version by then... Come on Subaru you can't be the best if your to afraid to step out side your normal zone... 

Kinhluan Nguyen
Kinhluan Nguyen

Dont be a chicken ..Subaru...Give us the styling we see at the auto show...!!!