Spied! Porsche 911 Targa

Start saving your money now. The new Porsche 911 Targa has been spotted during its first cold weather test in Sweden. Fans of the classic 911 Targa were disappointed when it disappeared after the 964 was replaced by the 993, but it looks as if the new Targa will go back to offering a removable roof panel, rather than a huge sliding sunroof. The original 911 Targa debuted in the mid 1960s as an intermediate step between a hard-top and convertible vehicle. The open-top version was thought to have weakened the overall structure of the car, moving the 911 away from being a serious sports car. However, it padded the company's bottom line and enabled it to invest further in the 911 line. During the 90s, another Targa was introduced, this time with a giant glass sunroof that slid behind the rear window. Purists again questioned the move, but this time there was something to what they were saying. It didn't sell well, and there was a cheaper convertible already in the Porsche lineup. The same thing occurred to the 2000s version of the Targa, however, it looks like Porsche is doing it right this time by creating a removable panel, going back to a "true" Targa model.
This new Targa has been seen during tests, and we can see that Porsche has taken into consideration the reasons why previous editions have not sold well. In the photos, Porsche has tried to disguise the Targa as a convertible, but it's still clear what the vehicle actually is. In the photos, you can see a removable center roof section and Targa roll-bar, but it's unclear as of yet if the 991 Targa will only be available with all-wheel drive, or if a rear-wheel drive version will be offered. The new 911 Targa will most likely debut sometime this year and be ready for the 2014 model year. Keep your eyes and ears open as more information comes in. The modern 911 Targa isn't just a big sunroof as one might think. The new 991 version of the 911 Targa design will be back again, as you can clearly see in the spy photos below.