Spilled! "Baby" Mercedes-Benz CLS Concept Style Coupe Images Hit Internet

By Joel Arellano | April 18, 2012
Last month, Mercedes-Benz surprised the autosphere with news that it would be unveiling a "concept style coupe" vehicle at, of all places, an avant garde art party at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. Mercedes later mentioned it would debut an all-new sedan at the upcoming Beijing Auto Show; most folks believe the two vehicles are one and the same. To nobody's real surprise, info on the Mercedes-Benz concept style coupe has leaked out before the LA party and the auto show. The leaked images show an unmistakably Mercedes four-door very reminiscent to the Mercedes-Benz CLS sedan and its swooping, almost coupe-like styling, with the front grill and headlamps heavily borrowing from the upcoming Mercedes-Benz A-Class. No other details of this Mercedes-Benz concept style coupe have managed to leak out. Even the name is suspect though "CLA" is being batted about. We'll be covering the LA party; check back later for the full scoop of this mysterious new vehicle. Source: Autoblog Serbia