SRT Teases All-New Viper Interior Before Unveil in New York

By Trevor Dorchies | March 30, 2012
The 2013 SRT Viper is just days away from its official debut at the New York Auto Show but the folks over at Chrysler's Street and Racing Technology division have decided to give us an early sneak peak of the super car's insides. Sort of. SRT released this image (above) on its Facebook page last night of a darkened view of the new Viper's interior. While not everything is easy to see, we're already impressed by the Viper's new interior. Chrysler's super car hasn't been known for its plush interiors; in fact it has been the exact opposite. That wasn't the appeal to Viper fans though. People were more interested in holding on for dear life while behind the wheel of the monstrous 8.7-liter V-10 engine. In fact, up until this soon-to-be-revealed version, the Viper didn't even have stability control as an option, much less standard. This one will have it, but only because it's now a federal requirement that all cars sold in the United States are now required to have it; we're assuming it will at the very least come with a large, clearly labeled "off" button. While details are sparse as far as we can see, the Viper appears to have received the necessary boost in interior quality to get in over the hump and actually earn that six-figure price tag. The Viper's higher-quality interior also leaves little room for the Chevrolet Corvette to make excuses for its low-budget interior. While details of the 2013 SRT Viper still remain thin, stay tuned to as more information becomes available. The 2013 SRT Viper is scheduled to be unveiled at the 2012 New York International Auto Show on April 4 at noon eastern time.
Source: DriveSRT