SRT's First Commercial is Pure Gold with "Body and Soul"

By Jacob Brown | June 17, 2013
Chrysler doesn't do bad commercials anymore. Each one somehow stimulates every nerve fiber of your 16-year-old self's imagination, from Charlie Sheen's Fiat 500 Abarth "House Arrest" to last Super Bowl's "Farmer" featuring the piercing vibrato of the late Paul Harvey's voice. And those are just for mainstream vehicles. Imagine what Chrysler would do for its SRT line of performance cars. In the first commercial for SRT, the automaker chisels away at your adulthood, bringing you back to that to the monotony experienced when you'd head on vacations with your folks in the Family Truckster and ask "Are we almost there yet?" It was a feeling of lack of control, which slowly wore off as 16 and 17 wore on. Girls happened. Cars happened. And for those whom SRT is marketing towards, the latter might've won out. But how? How can love of an inanimate car, composites, plastic, and steel, inspire more emotional attachment than another living, breathing being? That's what the more than two minutes of SRT's "Body and Soul" aims to explain. Absorb the clip. Watch it twice, in fact. If you're even remotely a "car guy" or "car girl," you may be clapping at the end of it as if it were a feature film.

Source: SRT via YouTube