Stainmaster Carpet May Help GM, Ford, Toyota Deal with Resin Shortage

By Matthew Askari | April 20, 2012
It appears one temporary solution to the auto resin shortage may have been found, allowing major automakers such as GM, Ford, Toyota, and others to continue production. Last week, an explosion occurred at a plant in Germany that produces PA-12, a polymer used in a resin to produce brake and fuel system parts. The shortage is expected to hit automakers—which traditionally run tight supply lines—soon in a scenario that could see production shortages and assembly stoppages like those experienced after a tsunami caused damage to factories in Japan last year. The makers of Stainmaster Carpet produce cyclododecatriene or CDT, which could be used in the auto resin. Jodie Stutzman, manager of business and external communications at Invista, said "we're doing what we can to fill the immediate need. The CDT operations are running hard, and we're working to make available as much of the material as possible as possible right now." Chemical company DuPont expects heightened demand from automakers as well. The company makes several polymers that could be used in the auto resin. Source: Automotive News