Startup Looking to Make Foldable, More Portable Child Seat

By Jacob Brown | June 28, 2012
You've probably never heard of Te Tama. But if you're planning on carting around young children soon, the brand might become one of your new favorites. Te Tama holds patents for a foldable child seat that is more compact and easier for parents to carry than what's currently on the market. Using a design by Reagan James, a Norway-based engineer, his son Niklas came up with the idea after remembering Reagan lugging around child seats on vacations. After starting at Harvard Business School, Niklas began getting resources together to get his invention off the ground. Lightweight and portable, the Te Tama Safeboard weighs just 13 pounds and will be able to support a child between 20 and 80 pounds. It's front-facing, and it stows flat to look like a boogie board when not in use.
Niklas James has already been awarded $200,000 in a Norwegian contest for the Te Tama Safeboard, and he hopes to rake in more startup funding in a U.S. contest called MassChallenge. Niklas says the design is already engineer-approved and will comply with LATCH child seat safety standards for installation. "Safety is something we cannot under any circumstances compromise with a product like this. We're talking about children's safety," he said to the Boston CBS affiliate. After the Te Tama child seat finishes with its prototype testing phase, which it is currently undergoing, the Safeboard will then be demonstrated to potential manufacturers. After that, the Te Tama child seat will go through U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration safety tests. And, finally, it will be sold shortly thereafter. Te Tama doesn't have a specific on-sale date yet, Niklas James says he'd like to have in stores by 2013. Afterwards, he'd like to expand child seat designs to accommodate other sizes of children. For further information about the Te Tama Safeboard, you can find its site here. Source: CBS Boston