Step Right Up, For The Ford C-Max!

By Blake Z. Rong | May 18, 2012
Ford is taking orders on their pseudo-compact vanlet, the C-Max. And the price is right: at $25,995, Ford claims that it's $500 less than the competing Toyota Prius v. The Prius v comparison is key because here's the kicker: like the Prius lineup, the C-Max will only be available in various stages of electrification. The C-Max Hybrid combines a 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine with a lithium-ion battery and regenerative braking for maximum fuel efficiency. It will have more power than the rest of the segment, says Ford, and it will be the first to debut this fall. The C-Max Energi, an electric plug-in version, will follow later. It is also a hybrid, instead of a fully-electric model, but it allows drivers to switch between electric and gasoline power when the juice runs out. The Hybrid will be cheaper than the Prius v, and the Energi will get more EV range.
Both models will share the Escape's nifty hands-free tailgate—as well as parallel parking assist, the latest version of MyFord Touch, and something called Brake Coach, which teaches drivers more fuel-efficient braking techniques while driving. The taller-wagon segment like the C-Max has been alive in Europe for decades now, but the C-Max will be entirely built in Michigan—alongside the Electric and ST models of the Focus. Details haven't been released yet, but customers who are intrigued can visit the Ford website for the C-Max here. So if you want a slightly taller Focus, the novelty of an all-hybrid drivetrain, and you think the new Escape is just too butch, the C-Max could be your next family schlepper. Source: Ford