Still Not for U.S.: Volvo Teases V40 Hatchback on Facebook

By Joel Arellano | February 14, 2012
Volvo continues to tantalize American hatchback 5-door fans with its upcoming V40, scheduled to debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show next month. Such fans, of course, will just have to be content with images and reports: The Swedish automaker stubbornly continues to keep the Volvo V40 strictly across the pond (that's the Atlantic to us Yanks). The latest teaser can be found on Facebook, the source of all things social media. The splash image show a silhouette of the Volvo V40 artfully angled so you get little sense of scale as to its size or any other major changes to its design. To us, the V40 looks like a generic hatchback. A countdown to the Geneva show debut hovers above the vehicle, a "Join Event" button strategically placed below so you can watch the five-hour reveal online on March 6.'s take: It's hard to get excited over a vehicle we'll never see here in the states. Source: Facebook