Stitcher SmartRadio Now Available for BMW Apps and Mini Connected

By Jacob Brown | August 10, 2012
Phone, meet car. Car, meet phone. The two devices are becoming ever more intertwined as technology keeps evolving. You can now integrate a whole bunch of functions your phone offers into your car's computer. If you own a BMW or Mini, you can make that one more. The Anglo-German duo now have Stitcher SmartRadio available for BMW Apps and Mini Connected use. Should you have a BMW and an iPhone, it's possible to fully integrate the app into the car, having it work seamlessly with its iDrive interface. Now you're asking yourself: What's Stitcher? It's a free on-demand app that streams news, entertainment, sports, and talk radio—more than 10,000 radio shows and live stations in all, according to Stitcher—to a smartphone. Using a feature called Smart Station, it can also find and recommend new programs that you might not have heard of. It automatically updates your favorite feeds daily. Kinda cool. BMW Apps and Mini Connected are gateways to integrate a smartphone with the cars' respective infotainment systems. Unfortunately, BMW Apps and Mini Connected only work with Apple iPhones despite Stitcher being available for the iPhone and Android OS. BMW has hinted at making the software available for Android phones in the near future, though. BMW Apps costs $250, and Mini Connected comes as part of a $1,000 bundle because it doesn't come with the standard display screen that BMWs have. But it's worth repeating that Stitcher is absolutely free. Source: BMW