Stolen Porsche 911 Does Donuts in Police Parking Lot

By Matthew Askari | April 09, 2012
Police in Methuen, Massachusetts, are currently left with donut-shaped skid marks in their parking lot, and surveillance video courtesy of a rolled-over Porsche 911. According to a recent report the Porsche 911 was stolen late Thursday evening. Around 2am, the brazen thief thought it would be fun to drive the stolen Porsche over to the police department, and proceed to do donuts, leaving some Porsche-tire streak marks as a souvenir. Apparently not thinking the gesture sufficient, the stolen Porsche returned a couple hours later for an encore performance. The second time around an officer was nearby and a chase ensued, but the Porsche was able to get away (somewhere in Germany a few engineers and PR folks have contented grins, we suspect). Police were able to locate the stolen Porsche 911 some hours later after a tip, but the Porsche was rolled over and the driver nowhere to be found. Police said the Porsche was one of three vehicles stolen at once, leading officers to believe a larger group of individuals was involved. A Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover were also reported missing. At the nearby park-and-ride in Salem, eight cars were broken into. Police believe the crimes are related. The suspects have yet to be apprehended. Source: WHDH