Students Design StudioTorino Mercedes-Benz SL Concept

By Matthew Askari | June 19, 2013
"Shooting brake" is one of the most preposterous names used in the auto industry, but the idea of an elongated-roof coupe/wagon is rather alluring, at least to some. Recently, StudioTorino, an Italian one-off sports car and coach builder supervised a group of six students in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz, to produce a new Mercedes-Benz SL Concept called CoupeTorino. The SL, inherently a convertible, has been given a coupe roof, and has been redesigned. As news director Keith Buglewicz pointed out, it looks very similar to the Chrysler Crossfire. Unlike the Crossfire however, a production version would be far more expensive, and we wouldn't expect the interior to be awash in cheap plastic materials.
Only this car is a study, and a 1:4 scale model was presented to Mercedes at the automaker's Advanced Design Center. The coupe SL concept also bears a resemblance to the BMW Z4 Coupe. What do you think of the SudioTorino design? Should Mercedes-Benz consider a limited-production SL shooting brake? Source: StudioTorino