Study: Best Quality Belongs to Volkswagen, Toyota has Fewest Reported Problems

By Trevor Dorchies | August 27, 2012
According to a study conducted by Strategic Vision, Toyota receives the least amount of complaints from its customers while Volkswagen Group of America has the best quality product. Results of the 2012 Total Quality Index study showed that Toyota had the lowest reported problems, good for a “Problem Impact Measure” score of 4.29. PIM takes different factors into consideration, including the seriousness of the reported problem, and how long the dealer took to remedy it. While the low score is good for Toyota, it’s only a part of the total Total Quality Index score.  The automaker with the best total quality title, according to this study, belongs to Volkswagen Group of America. Volkswagen can attribute its high quality score to the likes of the Golf, Eos, and Tiguan, while luxury arm Audi can thank the A4 and A8 for contributing. Ford and the Chrysler Group sit in a tie for second place with the likes of the Flex and F-Series trucks pacing the Blue Oval, while the Dodge Charger and redesigned Jeep Grand Cherokee led the way for the Chrysler Group. This is good news for Chrysler Group, as the automaker continues on its path to a record-setting year only three years after resurfacing from bankruptcy. “[Chrysler Group is] definitely beginning to turn things around and the Fiat 500 is just one example. Attributes like Fiat 500's Exterior Styling and Workmanship, and even Sound Systems, all become part of the Total Quality equation when one explicitly captures the heart and mind of how customer's think when spending $20,000 to $100,000 on a vehicle,” said Darrel Edwards, Ph.D., Strategic Vision Chairman and Founder in a statement. “Of course some brands do not compete at the corporate level. BMW and Mercedes continue to do well, but monitor the pulse of America, and be sure to recognize the current trend of ‘smart' luxury,” said Dr. Edwards.
Strategic Vision evaluated 21 segments from automakers all over the world. While some winners were expected, others came as a little bit of a surprise. Check out the winners list below and tell us what you think of it in the comment section at the bottom of the page. Source: Strategic Vision
Segment Winner(s) TQI Score
Small Car Fiat 500 Hatchback 869
Small Multi-Function Volkswagen Golf 874
Mid-Size Car Chevrolet Volt 913
Mid-Size Multi-Function Honda Accord Crosstour 879
Large Car Dodge Charger 911
Near-Luxury Car Audi A4 Sedan 917
Luxury Car Audi A8 Sedan 942
Specialty Coupe Mini Cooper Coupe 926
Premium Coupe (tie) BMW 1-Series Coupe Chevrolet Corvette Coupe 922 921
Convertible Volkswagen Eos 902
Premium Convertible/Roadster BMW Z4 Roadster 938
Minivan Honda Odyssey 872
Entry Utility Volkswagen Tiguan 877
Mid-Size Crossover Utility Ford Flex 888
Mid-Size Traditional Utility Jeep Grand Cherokee 888
Large Utility Nissan Armada 900
Near-Luxury Utility Land Rover Evoque 5-Door 928
Luxury Utility BMW X6 936
Standard Pickup Honda Ridgeline 863
Full-Size Pickup Ford F-150 902
Heavy-Duty Pickup Ford F-250/350 874