Stupid Corvette Drivers Crash Into Each Other, Sheriff Investigating

By Jason Davis | November 28, 2011
"Oh, hey, look, two silver Corvette's at a stoplight. Oooh, the driver's are revving on each other. I bet they're going to race. I wonder which one will win?" "Oh, hey, look, a dad and his son riding bicycles. That's cute. I bet that's a quiet, clean neighborhood. And probably safe, too." "Oh, and another bicycle? What a vibrant town that must be!"
And cue the inevitable. Isn't this the script for a terrible PSA on safe driving? Surely, there aren't really drivers this dumb, or this inexperienced, right? Don’t get me wrong, I love fast cars, and like many guys, I enjoy a spirited drive. But unlike some idiots, I DON'T STREET RACE, especially in a populated residential area. Why? BECAUSE IT'S STUPID AND WRECKLESS AND DANGEROUS AND ALMOST ALWAYS HURTS INNOCENT PEOPLE. As a father of two young automotive fans, I get a little sensitive when I see idiot videos like this one. In fact, it reminds me of my own neighborhood where cars don't even stop for stop signs, they accelerate through them. Already, 675,834 people have viewed this video, and as a result, the local Sheriff's department is investigating the incident. Which raises an interesting question: Does Texas have phone and handheld device laws while driving? And if so, should we be encouraging this brand of vigilantism?

Source: TheGrowingRushFamily (YouTube)