Subaru BRZ Takes On The Isle Of Man On "The Downshift"

By Blake Z. Rong | July 17, 2012
There must be some sense of irony in bringing a car that has "only" 200 horsepower to a locale with no speed limit, kind of like what Smart drivers feel in their native land of Germany, or horseback riders felt in Montana up to a few years ago. But given the Subaru BRZ's adage that you don't have to go fast to have fun, it seems like the formula of a lightweight sports car, plus lots of token British rain, in a place with no rozzers makes for a hell of an episode of The Downshift. Jason Cammisa of Automobile Magazine takes the BRZ out for some sideways action, which is near-guaranteed when your climate consists of the view from the bottom of a bowl of split pea soup. The Isle of Man is surrounded by the tempestuous Irish Sea, and the amount of rainfall, fog, sturm, and drang seems poorly conducive for both the legendary Isle of Man TT motorcycle race. ("It's about the size of Columbus, Ohio," Cammisa helpfully points out.) But despite its small size and lack of Rust Belt malaise, most of the island is completely empty—save for a few forlorn sheep. Which is perfect for a bout of motorcycling entertainment, and also—as Cammisa cites, with grim despair—far less deadly in a four-wheeled vehicle such as the Subaru BRZ, a car he says is the one he'd pick if he "just happened to be stranded on a small island somewhere."
Oh, and Mark Higgins, WRC champion and record holder of the TT course, which he set in an Impreza WRX STi, happens to join the fun. The Downshift appears every Tuesday on Motor Trend's Youtube Channel.