Subaru EyeSight Safety System Praised, Updated

By Matthew Askari | October 08, 2013
The Subaru EyeSight safety system has received praise and accolades from the IIHS and others, but the automaker isn't sitting still. A new, improved EyeSight system will debut next year, possibly on the 2015 Subaru Outback. The new system uses an improved camera--the automaker claims the stereo camera has a 40 percent wider range, can see further, and identify color--for improved functionality. The ability to identify color means the system can identify brake lights and stop lights. This should also help the adaptive cruise control to better manage real world driving situations. There are new features as well, including a lane-keeping and lane-departure system, features that have been trickling down from luxury cars such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Subaru's EyeSight has also added "Pre-Collision Reverse-Throttle Management" which adds a complex name to a simple function: the system will apply the brakes if it senses the gas was applied excessively, or possibly unintentionally when the car is operating in reverse. The vehicle also adds collision-avoidance features, such as steering a car out of the way of an object or another car, or applying the brakes if it feels a collision is imminent. We expect to see the new system at the Detroit Auto Show this coming January. Source: Subaru, Automotive News (subscription required)