Subaru G4e Concept sports Electricity at upcoming Tokyo Show

By Automotive Staff | October 15, 2007
Though overshadowed by the unveiling of production STi, and an Exiga Concept that looks suspiciously like a next generation Legacy, the Subaru G4e is no less a significant introduction.Trying to move away from the horribly dull, aerodynamically-driven shapes that have afflicted electric cars of the past (that's right--an EV), the G4e is sporty and dynamic, looking more hot hatch than sensible electric car. Pronounced fenders and rising, wedge-shaped body with wheels at the corners, and compact size hint towards sporting intentions. The shape is functional as well, as it still manages to achieve a quite good .276Cd drag coefficient. The interior is also far from the typical electric car's dull plastics and simple layouts. A strong central stack falls of the dashboard towards the floor like a waterfall, and the instruments are Ipod chic as opposed to save the earth conservative. There's plenty of room as well. Our take? With Subaru's continued development of electric cars and its respective technologies like batteries using Vanadium to increase energy storage, the G4e signals that Subaru may no longer be niche player in the automotive world. Besides, a range of nearly 120 miles is more than enough for city use, and couple that with good styling and good driving dynamics, Subaru may re-write what it is to be an electric city car.
via Jalopnik