Subaru Impreza Group N Rally Car goes Public courtesy of Prodrive

By Automotive Staff | January 27, 2010
Prodrive, one of the world’s leading motorsport and automotive technology companies in the world, has just launched its Impreza Group N rally car to the public. For £120,000 ($194,000), anybody can own one of these specially built Imprezas and live out their WRC fantasies. For those who would prefer to lease, that option is also available from Prodrive which will also throw in free insurance. Very important when you’re rally racing and you accidentally hit a tree. According to Prodrive, its Impreza is almost as quick as next year’s WRC cars (when the championship switches to more lax regulations) thanks to a larger air restrictor, high-flow fuel injectors, and a modified ECU which should put out an extra 20bhp over the old WRC cars. via Top Gear