Subaru Introduces WOW! Videos

Subaru has introduced eight new videos showcasing some of the features that make up its vehicles, including the flat-4 "boxer" engine, Subaru's Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, and X-Mode, among others. Each video focuses on one aspect of a vehicle, with the help of a mime or two. Set to the same music, these short video clips show us just how the components of new Subaru vehicles came together. The first of these short videos showcases just why Subaru chooses to use the boxer engine over the other options. The reason for this decision is that it has a low center of gravity as well as low vibrations, keeping it in place when others would fall over or become unbalanced. Next up is the symmetrical AWD video that opens with our friendly mime walking on a tight rope without anything to balance with. The question of the best way to achieve balance is asked, and Subaru is more than ready to answer. Symmetry leads to stability, so when you combine said symmetry with a low center of gravity, you end up with Subaru's symmetrical AWD. A mime opens up the next installment by riding a bike. This video showcases the bike chain to help the viewer understand how a continuously variable transmission or CVT works. The rotating speed changes with the position of the chain, showing that the CVT can change gears with no steps. Subaru's "lineartonic" is a transmission system that optimizes this concept. X-MODE takes over the next video, where mimes are playing violins and cellos. "Even the best conductor is useless if each player is doing their own thing." As the ultimate conductor for driving safety, Subaru's x-MODE controls all components - the engine, transmission, and vdc. Making the boxer engine isn't an easy process, but for this next video, you can see just how it's done. There are no mimes to laugh at in this video, but the production of the FB20 boxer engine is captivating enough. All components are shown, as well as how they come together and the different steps it takes to fully assemble Subaru's boxer engine. So just how does all-wheel drive benefit you? Subaru answers this question with its sixth installment. Using a wet track with an all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive vehicle, the viewer can see just what happens when trying to avoid a road hazard. The front-driver ends up crashing with oncoming traffic, where the all-wheel drive model can maneuver in such a way to prevent any collision. The second-to-last video showcases the X-MODE in real-word situations. Like the video before, the mimes are decidedly absent, making for a more serious video. X-Mode makes driving on slippery roads safer, monitoring the behavior of wheels using on-board cameras. When X-MODE is turned off, the tires spin freely. The engine transmission, all-wheel drive , and stability control are all controlled with X-MODE. Have you ever wondered about the history of crash testing? Well, in the final video installment, Subaru shows you how they've developed its tests throughout the years. The automaker has developed crash test methods more than a decade before the new car assessment programs were developed. With footage starting in 1965, this video shows how Subaru vehicles have stood up against different crash tests and simulations. Source: Subaru via YouTube
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