Subaru Looking to Expand STi Model Lineup, Forester Targeted First

By Trevor Dorchies | August 29, 2012
One can never have too much of a good thing. At least, that’s what Subaru thinks, as the Japanese automaker is looking to expand its STi performance lineup into other vehicles in its portfolio. Subaru Tecnica International, abbreviated as STi, is the performance wing of the automaker; thing AMG to Mercedes-Benz, or SRT to Chrysler. Subaru already offers an STi version of its popular rally-inspired WRX model, which makes for a fun vehicle to drive both on and off-road. So when we caught wind of the possibility of the Forester--built more for hustling the kids to and from soccer practice rather than blazing through 100 Acre Wood like the WRX STi--getting STi goodies, you can imagine it caught us off-guard, to say the least. Autocar has learned that Subaru is looking to add more STi badges to other vehicles in its lineup, and the launch of the Forester TS in Russia has gotten the ball rolling. Before coming to Russia, the Forester TS was only available in Japan and features more aggressive styling both inside and out. The Forester TS also includes STi goodies that include a retuned suspension, springs, and shock absorbers. A 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine rated at 259 horsepower powers the Japan- and now Russia-only Forester TS. Subaru views Russia as the perfect market to see how the Forester TS does outside of Japan. The Japanese automaker also believes that more of its vehicles would benefit from STi badging and the performance level that comes with it. So, when can we see more STi products here in the states? That all depends on how well the Forester TS does in Russia, then Subaru will make a decision to press forward with adding the STi badge to more of its vehicles. Stay tuned as more details unfold.
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Harold Amsher
Harold Amsher

How about a STI outback for a test run in NYC. We have the worst roads - different seasons with some of the worst weather. NYC would be a great test bed for any automobile.