Subaru Teases New BRZ Info, No Turbo at Launch

By Jason Davis | September 01, 2011
Last week, Subaru revealed the name of its much anticipated rear-wheel drive sports coupe--the BRZ, and a teaser image of the engine bay, leading this fanboy to speculate on the nature of the engine's power development. Despite what looked like turbo-specific exhaust components, and to the chagrin of Subaru-enthusiasts worldwide, the new engine will not be aided by turbo boost in the power department. Instead, Subaru announced that the 2.0-liter "naturally-aspirated" four-cylinder engine, which simply means it doesn't use a turbocharger or supercharger to draw in extra air for the engine, is an all-new design built especially for Toyota's new sports-coupe platform. No other details were released, except that the new engine will feature an advanced injection system, which helps both with power and fuel efficiency. Speculators previously suggested that the Toyota variation of the jointly-developed sportster would make close to 200-hp, though it remains to be seen whether that is indeed the case.
Aside from engine teaser, Subaru also released a few vehicle dimensions, noting that the "breeze" will be 165.0 inches long, have 101.0 inches between the front and rear wheels, is 69.7 inches wide, and is only 50.0 inches tall. Compared to Subaru's WRX, the BRZ is shorter and narrower, and its roof is 8.1-inches lower. Considering its more modest power output, hopefully it also weighs less than the WRX, too. With those dimensions, and rear-wheel drive, the BRZ could be a potential Honda Civic Si killer, and may catapult to the top of the enthusiast platform wish list. The BRZ should hit Subaru showrooms by Spring, 2012, filling the hole left by the temporary exodus of perennial turbocharged, all-wheel drive Subaru favorites, the WRX and STi, which will return as new models sometime in 2013 or 2014. Pricewise, the BRZ should fall beneath the next WRX, whose final 2011 price starts at $25,495. Look for final details at the Frankfurt Auto Show in mid-September. Source: Subaru