Subaru to Introduce Trio of Crossover Wagons in Tokyo, Including a Seven-Seater

By Jacob Brown | October 31, 2013
'Twas a sad, sad day when Subaru said it was discontinuing the Tribeca three-row crossover a few weeks back. Okay, maybe it wasn't, but we did wonder what Subaru was planning to do to fill space in the rapidly growing midsize to large crossover segment. It appears we may have an answer. At next month's Tokyo Motor Show, Subaru will be showing what it calls its Crossover 7, which itself looks a lot like the Japanese-market Subaru Exiga. The Crossover 7 concept will be--you guessed it--a crossover that seats seven passengers. We don't yet have any more details than that, but we do know that it will carry a leather interior and bear a resemblance to some of Subaru's current models, including the Forester. Power is expected to come from a 2.5-liter flat-4 engine, and Subaru says it will deliver "driving enjoyment and peace of mind."
Also on the docket is the Levorg, whose name is derived from "legacy," "touring," and "revolution." That's right: Legacy. The Subaru Levorg concept will undoubtedly inspire the next wagon, and its general shape looks to be similar to that of the 2015 Subaru Outback models we've seen in the U.S. The Levorg will be powered by a new turbocharged 1.6-liter flat-4 engine.
Finally, Subaru will be displaying its Cross Sport design concept, which picks up on the current trend of urban crossovers. This subcompact crossover will measure just 169 inches long, or about an inch longer than a Buick Encore. Subaru has not released any pictures or details of the new crossover beyond a single front-overhead pic. We expect we'll know more sooner to the vehicle's introduction. Source: Subaru