Subaru WRX STI gets COBB Makeover

By Automotive Staff | June 17, 2008
Salt Lake City's tuners COBB recently modded a 2008 Subaru WRX STI capable of tearing up the track and roaring over the corpses of its competitors.COBB decided against hardcore upgrades, instead only added its Stage 2+ Power Package, along with a new shifter, turbo heat shield, and a few other accessories. The Power Package came with a 3.0-inch downpipe with high flow catalytic converter, air intake, catback exhaust, and its proprietary AccessPORT system. They did not bother with rebuilding the engine or upsizing the turbo because this is more of a casual project, for people who only rally race on weekends. Instead, company reps says the STI gets about a 15 percent more horsepower (to 350) and 22 percent more torque (to 353 pound feet) running on 91-octane. While the acceleration times are impressive, there are a few drawbacks to modding a STI this way: an odd road noise is noticeable when running on the freeway, and the Prodrive racing seat lack adjustability and are set too low to the floor. via Motortrend