[UPDATED] Super Bowl XLVII Commercial Roundup: What to Watch For - Automotive Edition

By Trevor Dorchies | February 04, 2013
This year's Super Bowl has come and gone but no matter what outcome you were hoping for, one thing is for certain; the commercials are always good. This year was no exception, either. For the teams actually playing in the National Football League's championship game, there is no bigger game in their careers. For advertisers, the Super Bowl is also a big deal simply because of the amount of eyes that watch the big game every year. It's like Christmas morning and New Year's Eve all rolled into one, as each company tries to out-do the other with crazy commercials, and we just sit back and see what they come up with. A day later, Super Bowl XLVII has been reduced to water cooler talk, and every commercial has aired, with some 30 second spots selling for a record-setting $4 million. Here's a list of what the automotive world brought to this year's Super Bowl. First up is Volkswagen, which revealed its big game commercial a few days early and it's called "Get Happy." This is the fourth straight year Volkswagen aired something during the Super Bowl, with "The Force" coming to mind. "Get Happy" features a man who attempts to brighten up his gloomy office with good vibes and a Caribbean accent. The 60 second spot builds on VW's idea of "human stories, told simply" as it hopes to emulate the success from last year's commercial, "The Dog Strikes Back." Check out this year's Super Bowl commercial from Volkswagen below. Nothing is worse than being stuck behind a vehicle that, perhaps, shouldn't be on the road in its current state. That's why, for this year's Super Bowl, Hyundai has launched a new commercial dubbed "Stuck" which shows a 2013 Sonata Turbo getting stuck behind various vehicles and then easily going around them. Everyday obstacles ranging from the overloaded and undersized pickup truck to the vaguely labeled tractor trailer that's actually (probably) carrying antimony pentafluoride make an appearance in the 30 second spot. The second commercial Hyundai aired during the Super Bowl features the 2013 Genesis named "Excited." It hits you over the head with 0-60 mph times all while hypnotizing you with smokey drifting around corners. In the third commercial Hyundai prepared, the Santa Fe takes center stage to show you what an "Epic Playdate" is really like. Posing with the exhibits at the museum, outrunning a biker gang, and having a rock band follow you around all day is just a day in the life when you have a Santa Fe, apparently. To see it for yourself, watch the videos below.
If you weren't able to land a date for your Senior Prom, like this young man, hopefully you had a cool ride to ease the pain. In Audi's Super Bowl commercial, aptly named "Prom," a slightly insecure high school senior is in this exact predicament. All dressed up and ready to go for a night that's supposed to be one of the best of your young life, instead is awkward. At least until his dad throws him the keys to his old man's new Audi S6. The night suddenly just got a lot better. Check out the commercial for yourself below. Like the San Francisco 49ers a few years ago, Lincoln, or The Lincoln Motor Company, as it's now known as, is in a rebuilding stage and is looking for a voice of its own. To show the world that it's different than its mainstream brand Ford,  Lincoln aired two commercials during Super Bowl XLVII. The first one, named "#SteerTheScript," tells a story of a road trip that was gathered through a partnership with late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon. We don't want to spoil the entire commercial for you though so you'll just have to watch it on your own. The second commercial by Lincoln, dubbed "Phoenix," introduces the 2013 MKZ to the world by showing that the automaker has been hard at work to get back to where it once was. Even the 16th President of the United States and his top hat make an appearance to drive the point home.The teaser of this commercial showed fire and, while we don't want to ruin it, we can confirm there is, still in fact, fire. See more below. Kia recently had us out to drive the 2014 Forte, and while fellow Associate Editor Jacob Brown considers it to be "right at the top of its class," no robot tossed him around to arrive at that sentiment. In Kia's Super Bowl ad, one reporter isn't so lucky, as he gets a little too close to the new Forte and is promptly kicked in shin, given a wedgy, and tossed clear across the room. All in the name of technology, of course. The 2014 Kia Forte is packed with technology and the two "hotbots" are proof of this, even though they don't come with the car itself. Try and make sense of this commercial below. Perhaps the most memorable automotive-oriented Super Bowl commercial to run during the game was Ram's "Farmer" commercial. The two-minute spot, narrated by Paul Harvey, talks about God's need for a caretaker after looking down upon what he just spent seven days creating. Here's where the farmer part comes in. According to the commercial, God needed someone to take care of the land and everything on it, so God made a farmer. Furthermore, God needed someone who was strong enough to load bales of hay but gentile enough to take care of baby farm animals. So God made a farmer, and Ram made a commercial. Check it out below. The other Chrysler Group brand to air a commercial on Super Bowl Sunday was Jeep, and its "Whole Again" campaign. Jeep began life as a workhorse for the United States Army and has carried on that heritage throughout its life so far. "Whole Again" plays to soldiers and their respective families who wait until they can become whole again. Just as it started life, Jeep showcasing the Wrangler picking troops up from the airport and bringing them home. We're not going to tell you about it all though so check out Jeep's "Whole Again" commercial below. The last automotive commercial that aired during Super Bowl XLVII was the Toyota RAV4 spot. This 60 second spot features Kaley Cuoco ("The Big Bang Theory") as a genie, who grants various wishes to a family that owns a 2013 Toyota RAV4. As Toyota describes her, Cuoco isn't your everyday, run-of-the-mill genie, she's "modern, smart, and stylish." Like the 2013 Toyota RAV4? You decide, check out the clip below. Do you have a favorite Super Bowl commercial from the list above? Any you think are dumb? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Source: YouTube