Supercar Sunday: BMW i8 Video Teases What to Expect for 2014 [Video]

By | November 03, 2013
Perhaps there is nothing better that images of the countryside, intense computer graphics, and an elegant woman to show off the BMW i8. A video released last week from BMW Romania gives a teaser of the hybrid BMW i8 videoclip de lansare supercar, which debuts in the spring of 2014. The video showcases the BMW i8's fierce U-shaped headlights, which will be featured exclusively as LEDs in the U.S. and laser lights for lucky buyers outside the U.S. The video highlights the supercar's carbon fiber body and its lightweight, athletic construction and provides a full view of the spectacular scissor doors. There are also images of the i8's supple leather upholstery and a driver-oriented cockpit design. The BMW i8, priced at $135,700, not including $925 for destination and handling, combines a 1.5-liter three cylinder engine with an electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack to deliver 362 horsepower. It features a 50/50 weight distribution for optimal performance. It is capable of traveling at a top speed of 155 mph, and 75 mph on pure electric power. Check out the BMW i8 video for a preview of this incredible supercar.

Source: BMW via YouTube