Survey discovers HUMMER as popular as Chevy Corvette

By Automotive Staff | April 29, 2009
Car enthusiasts have had to shed a tear or two because of the demise of certain car brands. Take the latest demonstration of fratricide with the announced death of Pontiac. Brands like Pontiac and the late Oldsmobile has been part of our life and frankly we don’t really want to see them go. To see just how ingrained some brands are to the psyche of the nation, Hagerty Insurance, a company that insures vintage and collector cars, surveyed 1,000 clients and asked them what American cars they wouldn’t want to live without. Here’s what they said: Chevrolet Corvette Ford Mustang Chrysler 300 Ford F-150 Dodge Ram Dodge Challenger Chevrolet Camaro Saturn Sky Cadillac CTS Hummer What do you think of the list? Are there other cars you'd add to it?
via MSN