Suzuki Demand Rises after Bankruptcy

By Matthew Askari | December 21, 2012
Suzuki's cars are now hot, apparently. After years of tepid sales, Suzuki announced a few weeks ago that it would exit the U.S. market. Apparently, people took to the going out of business sale, and demand has increased. Suzuki will even have to import about 2,500 more cars to the U.S. to meet demand. About half of Suzuki's 23,412 sales this year, can be chalked up to the SX4 small crossover. Dealers will continue to sell their remaining cars, and offer parts and warranty work. Yesterday, the automaker won permission in a Santa Ana bankruptcy court to shut down its auto-dealer network, and reorganize its other facets of business in the U.S.—motorcycles, boats, and watercraft. The bankruptcy judge also approved Suzuki's request to borrow $50 million dollars to buy and import the additional cars to meet demand. Apparently to be successful, Suzuki just needed to go out of business. Despite the recent demand however, Suzuki still can't justify staying in business in the U.S.
Source: Automotive News (subscription may be required).