Suzuki Pulls Together Just Long Enough To Tease New Product for Paris Motor Show

By Blake Z. Rong | August 10, 2012
Contrary to popular belief, Suzuki is not dead. In fact, like some bizarro Star Trek universe where Spock grows a goatee and sends people to the Agony Booth, Suzuki is still very much alive and thriving in Europe, Asia, and its home turf of Japan. A new product from Suzuki would be a welcome sight here in the States, where the company hasn't released anything more tasking than a facelifted Grand Vitara coupled with a Garmin navigation system. But in Europe, or specifically at the Paris Auto Show, Suzuki is teasing a concept car it's calling the S-Cross: a compact crossover that will be in Paris starting September 27th. Suzuki's design philosophy is "Emotion x Quality x Aerodynamics," which it specifically says consists of "distinctive dynamic lines that start on the front bumper, sweep across the doors, and continue to the rear of the body."
The S-Cross plays in the compact car segment that's also home to the Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf, Honda Fit, and, incidentally, Suzuki's SX4. Will it come to America as a replacement? Let's hope so. All of these Suzuki jokes are getting old, and the company desperately needs new product to stay afloat: a small, lively compact crossover would bring Suzuki back to what it built its reputation on in America. Source: Suzuki