Take That, Haters: Honda Is America's Favorite Car Company

By Blake Z. Rong | June 27, 2012
"There are haters in the automotive journalism world," said Honda's PR rep at this week's first drive of the Fit EV (coming soon to this fair website next week). And indeed, there are: Honda has taken a bashing in the automotive media with the sort of hate usually reserved for anyone who would weaponize the ebola virus. But in a stunning, yet not entirely unexpected display of automotive journalism ignorance, Honda has won an informal survey among Americans that indicates that it is America's Favorite Car Company®. Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and the FCX Clarity! Harris Interactive surveyed over 38,500 consumers between January and February to indicate their preferences for over 1,500 brands—how positively or negatively they rate a brand, how much they'd be willing to buy their products, and how familiar they are with them in the first place. And evidently, there's plenty of good will heaped towards Honda: it beat out Toyota and last year's winner Ford to win America's heart. If you want to crunch the numbers, Harris found a slim margin between Honda's victory over Toyota: just 0.04 points separated their equity scores to cinch first place. You can see the full points spread, with plenty of pretty green bar graphs, in the link below.
Some other interesting findings: Pennzoil is America's Favorite Motor Oil®. Michelin is America's Favorite Tire®. Garmin is America's Favorite Navigation System®. Yamaha beat out Harley-Davidson for the Motorcycle Brand of the Year, which is Earth-shattering news that we are choosing to ignore in this case. And lastly, the luxury car we most envision seeing ourselves in, and then actually buying? Mercedes-Benz. No surprise, then, that most Hondas (including the Fit EV, on low-resistance tires) are shod with Michelins. Despite our kvetching (some rightful, some not) about the 2012 Civic, it seems that consumers aren't listening—or they just don't care. Foot, entrench yourself firmly in mouth. Is this poll on target? What's your favorite car brand? Sound off in the comments below. Source: Harris Interactive