Take Two: 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Tires Pop While Attempting Second Moose Test

By Trevor Dorchies | July 13, 2012
After failing the first "moose test" earlier this week, the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee is under scrutiny once again. This time, the Grand Cherokee failed the moose test for the second time in less than a week. Teknikens Varld, the Swedish magazine conducting the test has reported that out of the three different Grand Cherokees it tested, seven tires were blown. Chrysler engineers were on hand for the second test but no official statement has been issued by the Detroit-based automaker yet. After Teknikens Varld published the result from its' first test Chrysler's senior vice president of communications, Gualberto Ranieri, fired back on the automaker's official blog with a scathing response.  Ranieri went on to say that the test conducted by the Swedish magazine reminded him of the 1973 movie, The Sting. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this movie, it involves two men attempting to con money from a mob boss. Gualberto expanded on his statement about the correlation between this moose test and The Sting saying "Both involve cheating. But unlike the movie, the magazine won’t win any Oscars and the Swedish characters can’t match the professional genius of Paul Newman and Robert Redford." Teknikens Varld is arguing that Chrysler put the wrong weight ratings on the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee and this is why the SUV failed the test. Chrysler has answered that accusation saying the Swedish rag overloaded the Grand Cherokee in hopes the SUV would fail the test and create a controversy. Mike Driehorst, Chrysler Group's Director of Online Media also responded to these accusations on Chrysler's official blog that the Grand Cherokee's tires and wheels separated which resulted in failing the second test. "The Grand Cherokee is an award-winning SUV with an exemplary safety record. The magazine used an overloaded vehicle in its initial evaluation. Chrysler Group takes seriously any safety concerns and continues to analyze data from the second evaluation, but the wheel-lift seen in the first round did not reoccur." It should be noted that the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee can hold 1,037 pounds, that's 291 short of Chrysler's registered limit of 1,327 pounds. Teknikens Varld argues that with five occupants there's no room left for any cargo. For the first moose test, the Swedish magazine loaded the Grand Cherokee with four passengers along with some sandbags for a grand total of 1,327 pounds. When loaded with the max payload sanctioned by Chrysler, the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee exhibited dangerous steering habits at speeds of 43.5 mph which is required to conduct the moose test. It should also be noted that the moose test is not sanctioned by any official automotive governing body anywhere. We've reached out to Chrysler for an official response about the second alleged failed moose test by the Grand Cherokee. Be sure to check back soon as we'll be updating this story as more information surfaces. Source: Chrysler, Teknikens Varld