Talk Nerdy to Me: Toyota Launches Heritage Site for the Car History Buff in All of Us

By Jacob Brown | February 28, 2013
Admit it, today you had an extra two hours that you were planning on doing something important with that you've since reallocated to wasting on the internet. Good for you. We have just the site for you to visit. Toyota has just launched a website celebrating its 75th anniversary, chronicling its rise with pictures and a history of every model that it's ever made. Start on the first page and sort cars by body styles, configurations, eras, or anything else you can imagine. Click on a car from there, and the screen will scroll over to a family tree-style, with a clickable picture of the car that gives you specs, a detailed history of the car, where it was built, and the origin of its name. Since it's on Toyota's corporate site, you can check out cars sold in the U.S. like Camrys and Corollas, or you can look at industrial vehicles or micro "kei" cars that were never sold outside Japan. The choice is up to you, allowing you to become the foremost expert on Toyota vehicles. If you want to know about a specific Lexus, Scion, Hino, Daihatsu, or Toyota, all you have to do is find it on the expansive page. Some of the pages even allow you to view the original promotional materials that were produced for the cars.
Several similar sites have been launched over the past several years like Henry Ford's 150th birthday, Nissan's heritage website, and even standard corporate pages like Honda's that have a separate offshoot for corporate history. If you're obsessed with cars, you'll be hooked. If you just want to know why the Camry is called the Camry, Toyota's site might just pique your interest enough to check out. If nothing else, you'll gain an appreciation for how aggressively Toyota has grown over the last 75 years, especially over the last roughly 40 years when it entered the U.S. Check it out here: Toyota Corporate Site