Teaser: Toyota i-ROAD Concept Headed to Geneva Motor Show

By | February 26, 2013
Set to debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the Toyota i-ROAD concept car can be previewed in the latest 37 second teaser video. The i-ROAD concept is a two-seater electric vehicle boasting emission-free fun in a compact vehicle. Toyota sets up the video in a way that showcases the car's compact frame without giving too much away. It opens up with the announcement of where the car is set to debut, followed by key features and words flashing intermittently with longer views of the concept. Combined with music you would expect from an action film, the i-ROAD piques your curiosity, making you want to know what this car really is. There isn't much known about the concept car, and what can be glimpsed in the video a car that seats one person behind the other, making it half the width of cars on the road today. Thanks to the lighting in the teaser, it's hard to get a solid look at the concept car. However, there seems to be a single headlight in the middle of the hood, with smaller ones right under the mirrors, and tail lights that span the rear of the car. Source: Toyota via YouTube