Telsa Model S steers clear of Automotive X Prize Contest

By Automotive Staff | December 14, 2009
Tesla, manufacturer of electric cars, has decided to drop its participation in the mainstream category of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize.Tesla had entered its Model S Saloon plug-in electric car, which is supposed to go into production in 2011. The car was considered to be a front runner for winning the prize in the mainstream category. The event calls for cars to compete in a multi-stage race and owners of the vehicle that achieves mileage efficiency of better than 100 mpg will receive a multi-million dollar prize. Battery-electric vehicles; hybrids; and biodiesel, compressed natural gas, ethanol and solar powered vehicles will be participating. The cars must be near ready for production and plans must already be in place to sell thousands should the car win. Tesla said that it was pulling out because it wanted to concentrate on preparing the Model S for production. via Stuff