Tesla Motors Offers Up Delivered-To-You Loaner Cars, No-Fault Battery Replacement

By Jacob Brown | April 29, 2013
Tesla Motors really does seem hellbent on getting rid of the stigmas associated with electric cars: limited range, battery deterioration, high costs of ownership, and everything that comes with buying a car from a startup instead of a long-established automaker. Its latest service plan initiative only goes to solidify that. The automaker has said that it will be offering Model S--and Tesla Roadsters in some markets--as loaners, free of charge and delivered to the owners of Teslas. That's not too out of the ordinary; most luxury automakers do the same thing. What is, however, is that if you like your loaner more than the car you plunked down money for, Tesla will sell you the loaner as a used car, depreciating the loaner one percent a month or $1 per mile. If you purchased a 60-kilowatt-hour Model S and your 85-kWh loaner wows you that much more, there's no reason you can't grab it for keeps. Also covered in the new service plan is an extension of what's covered in Tesla's eight-year/125,000-mile warranty. Like your Best Buy extended coverage on your new iPod, Tesla is offering a no-fault battery replacement plan if you end up "bricking" your battery somehow. In the phone announcement, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said that wouldn't include blatant, intentional abuse, like opening the battery pack with a blowtorch. Along the lines of the announcement, Musk said its mandatory $600 annual checkup is now optional, but it'd still be a good idea. While brakes don't wear out as often and there are fewer moving parts in an electric car than a conventional gas-powered vehicle, things do need repair or replacement once in a while. After all, buyers of the 2013 Tesla Model S are often paying more than $1,000 per month for their cars; what's another $600 once a year? Although, the way Tesla figures it with a little fuzzy math, owners can pay just $500 a year, per its earlier announcement of a new financing deal. Doesn't that just make you want a Model S even more? Source: Tesla via Motor Trend
Green Planet
Green Planet

Still far beyond most people...$1000/month for a car payment is truly outrageous.