Tesla-Powered Toyota RAV4 EV to be Built in Canada

By Jason Davis | August 05, 2011
So, you want a Tesla-powered Toyota RAV4 EV, eh? Stand in line, but you'll have to wait aboot a year for the electric RAV's 2012 on sale date. Toyota announced today that its joint-RAV4 effort with Tesla Motors will be manufactured at the company's Woodstock plant in Ontario, Canada, where it builds gasoline-powered RAV4's. “The Tesla-Toyota joint development team has agreed that building the vehicle at the Woodstock plant on the same line as the gasoline-powered RAV4 will streamline and simplify the production process and guarantee the highest level of quality control,” said Ray Tanguay, chairman of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada.
The production decision comes after Toyota and Tesla successfully converted and tested 32 RAV4 prototypes last summer Toyota will pay Tesla $100 million for the electric drivetrain, built at Tesla's Palo Alto, California manufacturing home. Tesla will then ship the batteries, motors, gearboxes, and power electronics to Canada for assembly into waiting RAV4's. Pricing and production numbers have not been released, boot the EV will for sure be sold at Toyota dealerships across America. Source: Toyota