Tesla Superchargers on East Coast allow Boston to D.C. Range

By Matthew Askari | December 27, 2012
The first of many expected Tesla Motors's supercharging stations to come have officially opened on the East Coast. The highly trafficked I-95 corridor from Boston, Mass., to the nation's capitol— Washington, D.C., is now equipped with the range-extending stations in Milford, Conn., and Wilmington, Del. The two stations will join the five supercharging stations currently along the West Coast, which have been strategically planned to allow travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Lake Tahoe.
The stations will allow Tesla Model S owners to add between 150 and 160 miles to their range in 30 minutes time. The superchargers use a special cable designed by Tesla that functions only on the Model S. Owners of other all-electric models such as the Nissan Leaf, will not be able to charge their vehicles. The charging stations can deliver 480 volts to the Model S' various battery packs. The largest, 85-kilowatt-hour battery pack gives the Model S an estimated range of 265 miles. Source: New York Times