Tesla Tweets Teaser for Next-Gen Vaporware: The Model X Crossover

By Jacob Brown | January 18, 2012
While the world’s automakers assemble in Chicago to show off their new cars and trucks, America’s finest maker of cars no has even driven yet will be sticking back at its Palo Alto, Calif. headquarters to unveil its Model X crossover. We don’t know anything more about it than it will be 1) a crossover; 2) all-electric; and 3) unveiled on Feb. 9. It’ll likely share its mechanical bits with the hopefully-coming-someday-but-don’t-hold-your-breath Tesla Model S sedan. But we really don’t know that, either. Tesla founder Elon Musk is keeping all the secrets to himself somewhere up in the Castle Greyskull lair, laughing some sort of guttural howl until such time as he is to introduce the Model X. And when it is eventually shown to the public, it’ll likely come by way of a demo vehicle which journalists may or may not get parking lot rides in—not driving—reminding us all of that cool kid who always had a downtrodden pony at his birthday party back in elementary school to give rides to his classmates. Tesla promises the Model S will be finding its first owners in July. We’ll see. We liked the Beta prototype we saw at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show, but it was still far from production-ready.
The Model X is a different story altogether. If Tesla is showing it now, there may be some hope that it’ll come out sometime this decade, when at least someone out there is still paying attention. Source: Tesla Motors via Twitter