Tesla Working to have EVs Refuel Faster than Gas Cars

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced a way for the Tesla Model S to be recharged faster than a gas car can be refueled in a Twitter post last week. The company has been working on a battery-swapping feature to help relieve the range anxiety that many owners feel about their electric vehicles. The technique of switching the battery could be as simple as driving to a station that would swap out a low battery for one that is fully charged. Originally, the Model S was designed with this feature in mind, but it was never implemented. However, thanks to the "Superchargers" in California and the East Coast, drivers have had less to worry about. These stations do not currently provide battery swaps, though. Since many electric vehicle owners charge their cars overnight, some believe a gas station equivalent isn't necessary as the average American only drives less than 30 miles a day. According to analysts, if electric vehicles ever want to become mainstream, the range anxiety will need to be alleviated, whether or not it is even warranted.
Tesla is headed in this direction, especially after it received an almost perfect score from Consumer Reports on its Model S. Even stocks for the company are on the rise, which prompted an issuing of more shares to pay down the company's loan from the Department of Energy. Source: Christian Science Monitor