That’ll Wipe Off: Rolls-Royce Convertible Left Top-Down In The Rain

By Blake Z. Rong | January 26, 2012
The rich have less to worry about than us. Who knows what the intrepid owner of this Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe (starting price: $407,000) was up to, but whatever it was seemed more important than letting his droptop get soaked in an Australian rainstorm. Consider it a free car wash, complete with complementary paper tree air freshener (seriously, was the smell of full-grain leather too overwhelming?). Is the mighty Roller soaking its lambswool floor mats a big middle finger to the poor, huddled masses, or just an example of overindulgent forgetfulness? Hurts to watch, doesn't it? Look, I'm a convertible owner too—and I've certainly left my top down in the rain as well. But my car is a rattly Miata with squeaking brakes, not a six-figure bespoke-tailored convertible with more teak decking than Ron Burgundy's mahogany-walled apartment. If my car gets drizzled by LA's acid rain, I simply wipe off the vinyl seats with a Shamwow and yell at myself for leaving the top down during the one day a decade it actually precipitates. If I had a Drophead Coupe, I would be obliged to treat things a little differently—maybe use a turn signal from time to time, not cut off church vans full of orphans on the 405-Sepulveda on-ramp, and maybe be sure to take more care of my expensive automobile in a country that's prone to flooding. Not that I'm one to hold judgement, but if I had a Drophead Coupe I'd treat it all special-like, ya know? Just like if I dated Scarlett Johansson I wouldn't take her to Applebee's. TGI Fridays, at least. Complaining that you had to fix your Rolls-Royce after leaving the top down in the rain could be the triumphant zenith of the "First World Problems" meme. Car interior professionals estimate the damage—to air out the carpet and recondition the leather, to say nothing of the drenched electrics and navigation screen—to be almost $100,000. It's tempting to suggest that to the wealthy this is chump change, but such are the perils of convertible ownership, and forgetfulness. Next time, may I suggest a 1991 Mercury Capri and a bottle of ginkgo biloba?
Source: ninemsn