The 10 Safest 2-Row Crossovers Under $30,000: Did Yours Make the List?

By Jason Davis | October 09, 2012
With the ever escalating price of gas, especially for Californians these days, it seems that many new car shoppers are choosing car-based crossovers for their size, utility, and fuel economy over minivans and larger SUVs. In fact, there are more than 60 crossovers on the market today, and a dizzying number of them contain many of the same features at close to the same price points. But aside from the all-mighty MPG figure, there is one other statistic that separates the good from the great, and that’s safety. Fortunately, we’ve got the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety on our side. The IIHS tests every new vehicle on the market and assigns it a crash test score based on a number of criteria. In the end, the IIHS awards its coveted “Top Safety Pick” to vehicles that earn a “Good” in each of its four tests. The great news for consumers is that there are a lot of crossovers that meet these criteria. To winnow it down for sake of cost and utility, we’ve picked the ten best two-row crossovers under $30,000. Nearly every major brand from America, Japan, Korea, and Europe is represented, so read on to find out whether your crossover made the cut!
Source: IIHS