The Bus Stops Here: Volkswagen Microbus to End Production After 56 Years with Special Edition

By Jacob Brown | August 19, 2013
Tis a sad, sad day in the automotive world. The Volkswagen Kombi, likely known to you as the VW Microbus to you Red Diaper Baby Boomers, is ending production after a 56-year run in Brazil. The final edition, called the Volkswagen Kombi Last Edition, will be made in just 600 copies.
In the Last Edition, buyers will find a light blue and white paint job with a numbered plaque inside the van. Whitewall tires, white wheel caps, and and tinted windows further add to the throwback look. Other touches include blue curtains for the side rear windows with the Kombi logo, blue and white vinyl seats for up to nine people, and matching accents throughout. While most details are certifiably retro, the stereo isn't, using LED accents and having the capability to use USB or MP3 inputs. Lastly, all Last Edition Kombi models come with a certificate of authenticity.
You may notice that the Volkswagen Kombi has a blacked-out grille, which yours didn't have. That's because some years back, Volkswagen switched from using an air-cooled flat-4 engine (like a Porsche or Subaru) to a liquid-cooled 1.4-liter inline-4 that makes 78 horsepower on gasoline or 80 horsepower on ethanol. The van needed a radiator.
In Brazil, the van has been a staple of transportation, cheap and cheerful. But safety and emission standards are starting to catch up with Volkswagen.
VW says the second-generation Volkswagen Transporter/Kombi/Bus has been in production longer than any other model. We say that, despite a gap for World War II, the Beetle served in production from 1938 to 2003. And then there's always Morgan, which has made its sports cars the same way since the 1940s. Still, we're gonna miss the Kombi. Unfortunately, we've not been able to get a new one in the U.S. for a long time. The limited edition Kombi will only be available in Brazil and in select parts of Europe. Source: Volkswagen