The Fiat 500 Abarth Ad You Haven't Seen, Charlie Sheen House Arrest

By Matthew Askari | March 02, 2012
Just when the inter-webs began to forget, the messiah of douchery, Charlie Sheen, has been given new life. This "banned" Fiat 500 Abarth commercial, which couldn't possibly top the one that actually aired—the now infamous "Seduction" one with model Catrinel Menghia—offers up a formulaic but watchable sequel. The original may have been the belle of the ball, or bowl really, as it aired during the Super Bowl, but the new one should at least create some internet prattling. While we thought Sheen was quietly tucked away in his L.A. abode reenacting scenes from Scarface, we know at least for a day or two, he was coherent and stable enough to shoot this commercial. Aptly named "House Arrest," we're shown a 500 Abarth ripping through a house while party-goers cheer on the bad boy (car, and driver). As for Sheen and the beautiful thing that greets him, well you'll just have to watch:

Source: Fiat