The Flailing Remnants Of Isuzu Assemble For A Recall Of A Forgotten Vehicle

By Blake Z. Rong | July 09, 2012
Remember Isuzu? No, you probably don't. Even the last of the Troopers have stormed off into the sunset, amid a pile of rust and faulty wiring harnesses. But the Rodeo—and its Amigo predecessor—which once sold in droves, is being recalled for the few that still hold onto an archaic SUV from a dead brand. If you're one of the 11,221 owners of a 1998-2002 Isuzu Amigo, or a 3-door Rodeo Sport, your car suffers from excessive corrosion around the rear suspension. Rust is an issue on any old Isuzu, but evidently this was drastic enough to warrant a recall. If left unchecked, the lower link that bolts the rear suspension together can fall off the frame, causing the sort of crash that most will simply chalk up to owning an old Isuzu. Isuzu's solution is to inspect the lower suspension and then either replace the bracket or spray it with anti-corrosive (not WD-40), or even rebuy the vehicle at Kelly Blue Book values. All of this will be done at an Isuzu dealer, which really begs the dramatic question: Are there any Isuzu dealers left? A cursory glance at Google shows about 8 or so dealerships scattered throughout the country, mostly paired up with Suzuki dealers for an extra dose of irony. But no, it turns out, not all of the lights at Isuzu are off yet. The Isuzu web site still lists plenty of service facilities, many of which still offer warranty work. If you're an owner, this is probably your best bet to finding a dealership that will fix your Rodeo. But be warned, however: not every dealer will perform warranty work, or remember what an Isuzu is, or even exist.
If you have further questions, the Isuzu Owner Support line can be reached at (800) 255-6727. Source: NHTSA