The Honda Integra Returns...As a 76-mpg Scooter

By Blake Z. Rong | October 24, 2011
Good news for Honda fans! The dearly-departed Integra nameplate is making a comeback, ready to provide all of the high-revving, lightweight, and efficient fun of the original—only this time, it’s on a scooter. To be fair, the newly-christened Integra does share some similarities with the beloved model. For one, it has seats and wheels—albeit, just two of each. Its engine revs high, but it’s about half the size: at 670cc and two cylinders, Honda rates it at 76 miles per gallon. Think of it as half an Integra then, and not at all similar. The Honda Integra will be unveiled in Europe at the 69th Annual International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, Italy, next month. There are no plans for a Type-R, or a starring role in the upcoming Fast and the Furious movie.
Sources: Telegraph, Autoguide
Jason Davis
Jason Davis

So, you're saying there's still hope for my beloved Prelude nameplate?